Clear The Chaos
- COMPLETE YOUR BOOK by September - 
- Did you plan to write a book this year?
- Are you finding that half the year has gone and you're no closer to a first draft?
- Are you sick of 'flashy-coaching sites' and just want down-to-earth support and guidance from someone who's done this before? 
If so, read on!
Get more clarity, creativity and character in your writing. Let's get back to the reason 'why' you wanted to write it in the first place:
-Forget the coaching model of 'your ideal audience' and think about your 'ideal book'.
-What is it you want to write, how do you want it to look and why?
      Hello I'm Rowen. I'm a published author, singer-songwriter, and film actress. I'm also a bit of an outlier. I'm fed-up of coaches who don't get it because they aren't juggling creative projects, travelling regularly, dealing with the struggles of being a creative person rather than a born and bred business person. I'm provocative and the ultimate anti-box-ticker and I don't have time for niceties. I've got books and songs to finish, y'know?

It's up to you:
Do you want to work with a coach, or an author who's writing and publishing her own books?
I am the latter. 
I can help you because I'm doing the work myself.

When I personally look for support with creative projects I want to work with someone who's done it before, who's found the pitfalls I need to avoid and who is intelligent, knowledgeable, compassionate and can guide me without being patronising. Someone who knows what it's like to get stuck and who got out of it. Someone who knows what it's like to end up procrastinating and knows how to beat it.

So if you want some help from a writer, not a coach, then let's talk!

June-September Summer deal:
If you've lost sight of what you're doing with the book you meant to have written by now, let's have a chat. I'm offering a free consultation to see if I can help you get unstuck. After that, if you want my support in getting your first draft written, I have a service to give you regular support just like a knowledgeable friend would. 

If I'm not the right person to help you, I can point you in the direction of others who can.

I'm a member of the Society of Authors, so I'm tapped into a wealth of resources as well as regularly attending book launches, writers' conferences and small business meetups. I have over 10 years' experience as an English teacher and I've come across all the excuses and procrastinating tactics under the sun in that time, so you can be sure I've got a wealth of ways to fix all of that nonsense.
      Let me help you out. No more struggling on your own. No more chaos. Let’s get you back to being the tour-de-force you really are. 
Say hello to your ‘a’ game. 
What working with me looks like:

Free consultation:

I listen to you tell me about your book, why you wanted to write it, what things you are 100% sure have to be in there and what other books and writers you admire. From there, I'll offer suggestions of what things you need to consider and write about as a next step. If you find that useful and want to go ahead with working with me, you can choose from two different options - 

1) Summer-long support: [Limited to 2 clients only, so that I can give you a truly dedicated amount of support.]

- Monday-Friday support to answer questions, give suggestions, read drafts and ideas and hold you accountable for 3 months (from June-August / or / July-September) Using WhatsApp voice notes/texts and email for drafts / documents you want guidance with on an 'as much as you like' basis
- PLUS - 3 Skype / FaceTime calls for 60 minutes each, once a month to talk through your progress and hold you accountable
- PLUS an hour's research done for you from my Society of Authors online resources and contacts to get you relevant information, contacts and ideas to help you move forward
- PLUS, my 5-point guide to 'Get Your First Draft DONE (and actually enjoy it)!' to give you a framework to plan with = $497

2) Month-at-a-time support:  (cancel after a month or continue - it's up to you) [Limited to 3 clients in any one month] Sweet-and-simple and still completely tailored to you!

- Monday-Friday available via WhatsApp for voice notes and texts and emails for drafts / documents you want guidance with on an 'as much as you like' basis
​​​​​[You reach out to me, I will not chase you up more than once a week if I don't hear from you.]
- PLUS - 1 Skype / FaceTime call for 60 minutes to talk through your progress and hold you accountable
- PLUS, my 5-point guide to 'Get Your First Draft DONE (and actually enjoy it)!' to give you a framework to plan with = $197
To set up a free consultation and get a free 'Resuscitate Your Writing' checklist, put in your name and email below and I'll be in touch asap.
"Rowen is brilliant at scheduling your time with a positive mindset and calm approach. I was feeling overwhelmed with how to handle unknown events popping up. Rowen helped me re-organize my schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have more fun."
Lindsey Barbara, Brand Stylist
"Rowen comes up with amazing solutions that I'd never heard of before. Her [faerie ring] technique was just so different to everything else I've tried."
Giorgia Smith-Marr
"It was totally not what I was expecting at all. But it exceeded my expectations. This is the only 'time-management intervention' that has actually worked for me! For the first time probably.. ever, I don't feel overwhelmed by my schedule. "
 - Cindy Rainne
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