Clear the Chaos
  A time management and goal-clarifying intervention for creative business owners!
- Are you full of creative ideas but hitting a wall with managing your time?
- Are you going round and round in circles just trying to survive but getting no closer to your goals?
- Do you want an hour dedicated to you to sort this stuff out once and for all?! 
In 2013 I was frustrated and overwhelmed....
   Three years ago I was living in Prague doing a job I really didn’t like and not doing anything creative at all. I was on my own, feeling frustrated and exhausted, working and working but getting nowhere. I felt I had no control. None of this was what I wanted. I wanted to get back to a big city. But it seemed impossible from my little flat in the Czech Republic. I had almost given up.

It took a lot of searching and asking for help, reading books on mindset, adjusting my thinking, taking courses, and asking for advice until I learnt and believed I had choices. I talked to lots of manifestation and goal-strategy experts and educated myself on how to turn my situation around. 

Since then, I moved back to London, released a single and got it played on the BBC, acted in a Danish TV series and had a letter written to me personally from Vivienne Westwood after performing live in her shop. I've now got my "creative nomad" strategy in motion to be free to work from anywhere I choose, and my first stop is Paris, next stop New York...

      Hi, I'm Rowen. I'm a singer-songwriter, poet and actress. I currently have 3 part-time day jobs of constantly varying shifts but one of them I can do from anywhere. Hell-bent on my exit-strategy for the end of this year, I still ensure I work out like Madonna, eat healthily, organise my accounting, get to industry networking events and even go on hot dates! But I'll freely admit, I'm not perfect. I don't get it right all the time. But I do get it right enough of the time to be in a far better place at the end of this year than I was at the beginning.

I don't believe in the goal of 'work-life balance' so much as the goal of: living. (Not surviving. Not 'getting by', not 'doing ok' but actually living.) It's about getting closer to what you want in a timescale that makes you feel you're moving forward, whilst truly looking after yourself every step of the way.

My job is to help you clear the chaos and get you back in control!

My Expertise:

- Organised an official single release entirely through my own label and got BBC Radio airplay and a personal endorsement from Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music!

- Travel & living internationally: I lived in Prague for three years, moved back to London for one, spent time in Paris working on a video, and have now lined up a US trip for three months...!

- Managing a constantly-changing set of shifts at several day jobs and still making progress on my goals

- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that I feel fit and look about 10 years younger than I am!  

- Making friends around the globe who I can stay with on my travels in Paris, London, NYC and LA (and doing gigs and recording in those cities too)

-Managing the chaos of online dating (the good, the bad and the very, very ugly) whilst retaining an open heart (oh and turning the whole experience into an incredible book of poetry...!)

-Making an impact at networking events with my entertaining delivery including singing during my 60 second pitch

-Helping clients to identify what they can really achieve within the constraints of their schedule to make progress by taking the most important action

-Helping clients really identify what's just not working and getting them to set boundaries and "non-negotiables" to maintain amazing self-care and get back control

I'm here to help:

-Female creative business owners (artists, writers, designers, singer-songwriters...) who are trying to do everything on their own

-Someone who’s totally fed up of getting nowhere fast

-A woman who’s overwhelmed, stressed and worn out and wants to have a break, clear the damn chaos and then get back to totally rocking it with tonnes of energy and enthusiasm

Limited time offer:

If you're stressed out, ticked-off and done with jumping through hoops that were meant for other people, let me get you back on track and feeling strong again!  I'm offering a one-off 60 minute "Clear the Chaos" session for $147. (These sessions are normally only available as part of a 3 month package.)

      We can work this out together. No more struggling. No more chaos. No more living like a trampled-on NYC rat. Let’s get you back to being the tour-de-force you really are. 

Say hello to your ‘a’ game. 

After a 60 minute call with me, you'll walk away with:

-Crystal-clarity on your top 3 goals
-Revived energy, focus and sense of fun!
-Tools to schedule your time to honour what you love first
-Actions to take towards your goals that feel realistic and achievable
-Clarity on how to maintain your focus long after our call

What you get:

-1 hour of calm & clarity focussing on YOU & YOUR goals...!
-Simplified action steps to work towards your goals fast! 
-A re-usuable chart to set actions with 
-A recording of the session 
-Links to any resources we discuss on the call
-2 clarifying email follow-ups 

To grab one of these one-off sessions for $147, and get a bonus relaxation audio to boost your manifesting of love or abundance, enter your name and email here before the offer expires on October 31st.
"Rowen is brilliant at scheduling your time with a positive mindset and calm approach. I was feeling overwhelmed with how to handle unknown events popping up. Rowen helped me re-organize my schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have more fun."
Lindsey Barbara, Brand Stylist
"Rowen comes up with amazing solutions that I'd never heard of before. Her [faerie ring] technique was just so different to everything else I've tried."
Giorgia Smith-Marr
"It was totally not what I was expecting at all. But it exceeded my expectations. This is the only 'time-management intervention' that has actually worked for me! For the first time probably.. ever, I don't feel overwhelmed by my schedule. "
 - Cindy Rainne
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